My name is Boni Bonev, I was born in Svilengrad in 1970 and I live in Sofia since 1985.
For the first time I touched the magic of photography when I was 7 years old, watching images appearing on a white sheet of photo paper in the darkroom of my uncle. Since then, the photography has become my favorite pastime, and since 1991 with some interruptions also became a source of income.
I love to paint with light, no matter if someone will pay me for it or not. Precisely for this reason, I always try to accept orders that will meet my personal preferences and understanding of photography. I like the reportage photography and the way of its making - with many unique moments caught without manipulation. I love working with natural light where possible, although I  have a studio downtown in Sofia. (I'm Co-Owner of  Photo Forum Studio )
As a founding member and administrator of the largest Bulgarian site on photography Photo Forum (, I have arranged with my colleagues over 30 photographic competitions and exhibitions. Personally, I participated in many group exhibitions, and I have my own as well. They can be found here in my personal site.
Since I am master of science in electronics, I've always been interested in photographic equipment. I have written over 200 pages, photographic articles in print media, some of them technical. I am also the author of dozens of online tests in the Photo Forum of photographic cameras and lenses. I'm coauthor of the first Bulgarian online photography tutorial "How to make better pictures with a digital camera", and the photographic book " In Focus ".
Since 2005 me and my colleagues George Velichkov, Prof. Peter Abadjiev and Vasil Nikolov guided photographic courses in  Photo Forum Studio.
With wedding and other commercial photography I work  more intensively for several years. As you can see in my portfolio, I like clean, not manipulated photography with captured many moments, portraits and details. I love black and white photography, because it shows better real graphic pattern of light. Freed from unnecessary colors, photography remains just as volume, shape, light and storyline. I love metaphoric stories where one has to think, not just to perceive directly what he saw. Here you can view an exhibition in which I showed the development of a wedding only with details, without a faces.
I use Sony A900 camera with high resolution  24,5 mp and fast lenses Carl Zeiss, which re-create in  better way the natural ambience of the place and minimize the introduction of artificial light.
Being a member of the World Organization for wedding photojournalism WPJA and artistic wedding photography AGWPJA, I accept orders outside Bulgaria (mostly within the EU)
If you wish to contact me, please use the ,   Facebook ,   Instagram  +359898416020
Thank you!